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Bill & Cyndi Daves
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Know Before You Go!

To start, please that know that WE RIDE.  These motorcycle related pages are not intended to lure the motorcycle enthusiasts to our commercial site, plain and simple. They are designed with the intent to help out-of-area riders recognize some of the better rides in this area, but more importantly, to let those same riders know that they've got someone in the area to call on, for whatever reason.

Cyndi's scooter of choice is an 05' HD Deluxe, and Bill rides an 05' HD Dresser.  We chose these models not for the HD brand, certainly, but for the comfort afforded for long distance trips.  While we don't have the Iron Butt patches (yet), a "good" long day for us is right at 600 miles, and no, we don't even attempt to do 600 miles on these mountain roads. No way!

We are members of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club and their Eagle Rescue program,  so we're geared up, literally, to handle short distance bike transportation.  We can also point you to the best mechanics and related service folks while you're in the area.  Do not hesitate to contact us- 24/7. 

So as to enjoy your riding experience in the mountains, here are a few helpdul tips that we have learned since moving to this area from the great Sunshine State. It is a different type of riding, believe us.


Riding The Twisties-  Don't become a casualty on your vacation, as plenty of our fellow riders do.  If you are "new" to twisties, there are tons of other routes that are actually more scenic than The Dragons Tail.  In fact The Tail is NOT known for it's scenery- it is known strictly for the 318 curves in 11 miles.  The Tail easily gets away from alot of riders, and it is not unusual for the Medi-vac heloicopter to pick up 1 patient per day during the riding season. The Cherohala Skyway is an excellent option, and it does offer some terrific views. The Skyway also has a reputation for "biting" riders, so pay attention to the hand painted warnings placed by other riders that read "SLOW".


Always consider a trip to Maggie Valley, Cherokee, Bryson City, Gatlinburg, or Pigeon Forge.  These destinations provide plenty of bang for the buck, so you'll get your fill of mountain riding, with the added benefit of some great scenery.


Ride Safe!!!


Bill & Cyndi


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